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Waffle-Licious is a cozy family-owned dessert shop that specializes in unique bubble waffles, also known as egg waffles, rich ice cream, thick milkshakes, and coffee. 

A bubble waffle is a Chinese, Hong Kong to be precise, sweet snack made in a special waffle iron. The main ingredients include eggs, flour, milk, and sugar. We believe that this gem has been long hidden from us, therefore we have decided to take on the responsibility of making the first introductions. Not only did we polish it to perfection, but we also let you play a key role in creating the qualities of your gem, by fully customizing it. We hope you are going to like the end result and become passionate about this unique waffle as much as we are! We love people, we love smiles, and we can’t stress enough how much we love good food! 

Speaking of good food, did we already mention that our 100% made-from-scratch waffles come with local farm-made ice cream? Not only do we want to support our local farmers and small businesses by collaborating with them, but also we believe that our friends, i.e. customers, deserve the best in everything, including delicious, high-quality, homemade food. 


Our Mission:

We view our customers as our friends, and we want to see our friends happy. To make you happy we provide you with the highest-quality artisan bubble waffles, service, and friendship.


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